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The Nagas of Upper Burma say that the sun
shines by day because, being a woman, it
is afraid to venture out at night.

The Book of the Golden Apple
Withdrawn by request

Climb Into the Chao with a friend or two
And follow the Way it carries you,
Adrift like a Lunatic lifeboat crew
Over the Waves in whatever you do.

The Principia Discordia in Text Only.

Books for your Illumination
If you're looking for some reading matter to expand your knowledge of the Discordian movement, or generally to just expand it in new directions, we heartily recommend the following books...

Principia Discordia
Principia Discordia
(Older 2nd Edition)
The Illuminatus Trilogy
(Bavarian Illuminati et al)
The Book of the SubGenius
(Rivals some may say)

Books brought to you in association with

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